10 Nigerian Female Style Influencers On Instagram In 2017

We are in the social media world and many people have been able to harness this and make it a marketplace, Instagram is a place that many people wake up and sleep, it has become a major addiction for many people. After a stressful or during a normal workday, many of people revert to their phone is as a form of taking a short break, and they follow so many people on the gram for several reasons; some for fashion inspiration, some, because their lifestyle is a dream, others for motivation etc The list goes on because reasons are personal we can only list the obvious.Instagram is the hub for style inspirations and style influencers and bloggers go all out to give inspirations to their followers.

We’ve decided to create a list of fashionable Influencers (the term for people who use social media as their business), this list doesn’t include celebrities but its all about the ladies who used Instagram to grow themselves and start a business.

From pulling original and unique looks together, styling intricate pieces to form showstopping looks, for daring to take on trends and making it their own, mixing eclectic tastes with trends meets classic to showing off on the ‘gram, influencing styles in the way of fashion, styling/accessorizing and creating ‘aha’ fashion moments, here’s a list of the top influencers for 2017. The list is in no particular order but if you are frequent on the gram you would know that these people mentioned below are definitely on top of the chain as they have created a niche with their fashion statement.
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Folake Huntoon @Stylepantry: Folake Huntoon is a 41 years old woman whose style is effortless and classy and she never gets it wrong. She knows just how to put pieces together seamless to stand out, known for her signature big hair, Folake who is also a designer and stylist has an impressive background in fashion and styling which is evident in her looks. She can go from fierce to sultry, sexy to chic, sporty to laidback and more in a split second and she as cemented her profile as a style influencer to reckon with anywhere in the world.

Monica Awe-Etuk iron chef america chairman. @awedbymoni:Etuk’s style is clean, fuss-free and eternally chic and classy. This mother and stylist pay attention to every detail in each getup she posts making styles relatable. From styling a tee-shirt chic to making t-strap sandals super fashionable, Etuk has created a following of stylish soldiers who look up to her style inspirations.

Lisa Folawiyo @lisafolawiyo: Lisa Folawiyo is a foremost Nigerian designer who loves her designer pieces. Her style is unique as she can literary pull off anything at all- once she turned an oversized male shirt into an ultra sexy mono top! She’s loved for her eclectic detailing, designer heels and bags, studded print pieces from her eponymous style and more. Her style is not for the faint-hearted or the non-creative!!

AdeRonke Enoabasi Ade @therealrhonkefella: Ronke definitely blew people away with her freshness, she is definitely a leading lady and a style icon to the core.

Yomi Shabi @yomisummerhues:  vigora tablets hindi information. Yomi Shabi is king-pin of fabrics and that’s why she always slays, her style is vibrant and full of colours.

Kelechi @kelechik: Kelechik hiatus has nothing on her as she is growing steadily, this mother and fashion diva is style is so refreshing and easy to mimic. Her style is simple, neat and effortless looks; almost a minimalist in her style but has immense appeal and her teaming followers love her styles.

Nini Enefola @iamnini: Nini’s definitely dynamite and her style is very relatable, she is known for using Nigeria local fabric, Ankara to create many unique and stylish styles.

Stella Uzo @jadorefashion:Stella Uzo is a blogger and stylist,Uzo has an appeal that speaks chic with every look. Not one to force it, the stylish lady put together ‘real’ looks that almost everyone can achieve piece for piece, her style is effortless, chic and always without fuss.

Chic Ama @chicamastyle: Her images are fantastic, her style is mature, chic and modest all at the same time. She inspires her followers to put their best foot forward everyday through power dressing. Chic Ama has an out of the box way of expressing herself through fashion, she could wear a plastic bag and still look good.Dodos Uvieghara @iamdodos:Dodos Uvieghara is popular makeup artiste and style blogger. Dodos style is laidback but cool and fierce. She takes on easy, trendy pieces and styles them just perfect. She’s an inspiration for cool and eternally chic styles.


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