11 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

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The fact is that most women are not wearing a bra that is right for their body. Too many women go about their daily business, just accepting that their bra feels uncomfortable because, well, thats just part of being a woman right? Having a bra that fits perfectly does not only make you look good, it also makes you feel comfortable and confident. So many women deal with some br3ast problems, all of which can be solved if they find and use the right bra size.

Are you wearing the wrong bra? You will know if you are wearing a wrong bra if these things listed below sound familiar to you.

The straps dig into your shoulder: If you have deep lines along your shoulders long after taking off your bra, then you’re probably wearing a smaller size than you should be.

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You have to tug at it: In the course of the day, do you have to pull and adjust your bra cups, straps or bands more than a dozen times. This is probably because the cup/band may be too small or too big.

You have skin irritation: If the skin under your boobs is always itchy and irritated, the underwire of your bra may be to blame. The bra may be too old or you’re reacting to the fabric.

You’re left with ‘tyre marks’: If you’ve got bands of red around your back and/or ribcage then your bra is definitely not right, and you’re probably wearing the wrong band size.

You get the jiggles: The right bra should comfortably cradle your boobs and you can easily run around without worrying about them jiggling. If this happens, then your bra isn’t offering enough support.

You have the quad-boob: This is the situation where your bra sort of divides each boob in two and you have more boob out of your bra than in. Try moving up a cup size to fix this.

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The band is too tight: The band is the part of the bra that offers the most support so it has to fit perfectly. If it’s squeezing your back, then find a different style or one with a thicker band.

Your ribs ache when you take them off: If you experience pains in your chest and back area after taking off your bra, then you need to find a new one.

The underwire feels painful: It is a common misconception that wearing an underwire is uncomfortable, that it is meant to be hard and digs in. You shouldn’t even be able to feel a correctly fitting bra.

The band rides up at the back

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Bulging: The right bra will sit flush against your entire body – across your ribs, back and breasts themselves. If there’s any bulging above the cups or around the band, then something is’t right.

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