2018 in Review: Top 10 Fashion Trends Of 2018

Image result for bam bam with her feather dressFashion is a hungry animal that digests the now in the blink of an eye and then continues to roam on, looking for the next best trend to follow or next IT item is part of our DNA as fashion-lovers.

As a fashion lover you would have been paying close attention to what’s been popular on the streets and runways this past Fashion Month, trends that have really made waves in 2018. Several people have tried to experiment a trend this year but everyone seems to conform to what trended last year but with a few exceptions.

Getting back to the current trends we are following, below we have gathered some of the top trends of 2018.

Sheer outfit: Sheer outfits have all been popular among fashionistas in 2018, it made it way from runway to into the fashion world. The trend is anything but basic–but the beauty of it is its ability to look effortlessly stylish and it is one of 2018’s biggest fashion trend.Image result for sheer outfit trend

Power suits: From head to toe block brights to neutral toned jackets and pants, the skinnier cropped styles, to the bigger than ever two-pieces, celebrities have tried it all.

Image result for nigerian celebrities carry sling bagFanny packs/Sling Bag: This style trended especially with celebrities and so many people have re-enacted this style and it never gets tiring. It’s a major sight on streets and clubs where people mainly use it to conceal items like money, phones etc.

Nigerians this year seems to be enchanted by the love for designer outfits.Loud Logos/Designer Outfits: Gucci! Louis Vuitton! Fendi! Calvin Klein! Nigerians this year seems to be enchanted by the love for designer outfits. From celebrities all joining the Gucci and Louis Gang, the average Nigerian is not left out and also want to join in the craze for designer outfits.

Metallic fabric: 2018 saw people getting into the metallic craze with different styles and outfits being created with metallic fabrics. People choose a bold look in 2018 with metallic fabrics, as metallic fabrics offer a lot of texture and weight, opting for a well-fitted design or short style is also a good idea and will achieve a more flattering and balanced appearance.Metallic Fashion Trend (3)

Image result for extra long belt trendExtra long belts: Remember the caution tape-inspired Off-White belt that everyone was wearing? Now, the trend has evolved to include more traditional looking belts.

Tiny sunglasses: Who would have though a pair of tiny frames hanging off the face would be considered as “sunglasses”.  Tiny sunglasses made a juicy comeback in this season. Big frames are now making way for tiny sunglasses, these tiny glasses come in different frames which includes the angular, semi round, oval, and even rectangular frames.

Monochromatic Style done right - Chinyere The Real Chi 1Monochromatic color: Most people decided to be more daring in 2018  by moving away from the usual white and black monochrome trend and playing with bright and bold monochromatic color. This trend is a fabulous way to mix and match your fashion without fear of color riot.

Feather galore: This trend continues to make notable appearances on the catwalk in 2018 and many celebrities have embraced this trend and rocking it with all sophistication.Image result for feathered fashion trend

Bike shorts

Which other fashion trends do you think deserves to be on this list? Tell us in the comment session below.



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