2019 Weddings: Bridal Style Guide

You may be on-trend with your everyday style, but translating it to a wedding day look is a completely different challenge. Let’s face it, it’s not every day that you walk down the aisle! Read on for the latest bridal trends that are sure to wow us this year. From stunning accessories, to hair and makeup, and gorgeous dress styles, get ready to say “I do” to our 2019 bridal inspo.

Vintage style engagement rings: Choosing the perfect engagement ring is probably one of the most exciting, yet challenging prospects a groom faces because a lot depends on it. Not only is the ring something that your partner will wear forever, it also symbolizes your love story. If you plan on popping the question this year, get ready to see vintage style rings in classic shapes everywhere featuring unique bands and bold uses of diamonds. Halo rings are one of the biggest engagement ring trends this year of 2019. Their versatility and vintage look make them the perfect choice for just about any bride! Check out the latest halo style engagement rings to see which style brides are loving this year!

Natural, radiant beauty is back: This year, expect to see many brides re-creating Meghan Markle’s natural wedding look. The key to achieving this look is a fresh base. Think beautiful, luminous skin with a gorgeous eyebrow and a soft wash of brown or sheen on the eyes. Skip the falsies and put a light coat of mascara on or ditch the mascara altogether for a more natural look. The goal is for the focus to be on your dress or a statement hairstyle, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

Bold lips: Bold lips have always been a popular beauty trend and this year we’ll see brides incorporating them into their wedding day makeup looks. This is perfect if you’re wanting a natural makeup look, but also want to add some drama to your face. Deep berry plum lips suit almost everyone, not to mention they’re fun and daring! To stay consistent, use the same tone on your cheeks. If you think a bold lip is too much for your ceremony, but still love the look, you can hold off on the lipstick for the ceremony and apply it afterwards to rock a bold lip during your reception.

Relaxed hairstyles: Gone are the days of intricate woven updos. Brides are now opting for more natural, beach-inspired hairstyles. Big relaxed buns, undone boho braids, textured ponytails, and loose tousled waves are all popular options for brides this year. These are perfect hairstyles for your wedding day because they require minimal maintenance.

Stand out wedding dresses: While brides will be rocking more natural hair and makeup this year, the dresses will be over-the-top. Sequins, beading, and metallic embellishments will be popular options for wedding dresses this year. These gorgeous accents are daring, yet sophisticated and are perfect for evening or daytime nuptials. If you plan on wearing a gown with lots of sparkle or embellishments, wear minimal accessories. This will allow your gorgeous gown to stand out and do all the talking!

Content Credit: Amanda H, . a wedding enthusiast for The Lagos Stylist.

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