3 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight And Look Great

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There are thousands of posts on losing weight on the internet, ignoring the fact that there are people who don’t want to lose weight; there are several people who want to gain enough of it while some want to lose enough of it. And we can understand why that is – when people who are too skinny decide to gain weight, and the more flesh you have sometimes, the greater you look in certain outfits.

So for this reason, thelagosstylist has decided to come up with a post on what to do to gain the right amount of weight – well call it healthy weight. If you’re looking to look bigger than you are, here are some tips to follow.

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EAT RIGHT: In the weight gain journey, what you eat is of great importance. If you eat the right foods, you’re likely to gain weight, and if you don’t, everything else you do may be in futility. In fact, nutrition is the most important factor in the weight gain journey because what you eat, and the quantity of food you take in are important. You need to consider three classes of food more than others – including carbohydrates, protein and fats. Eat a lot of these foods, and you’d be doing yourself a lot of good. You also would need to eat as regularly as possible, that means you have to consistently put food in your stomach.

GET A WORKOUT ROUTINE: Eating all the great food in the world without working out is tantamount to storing dangerous fat so you need to work out to shape up your body, and make yourself look great. In doing this, looking for a good workout routine is important. A good gym routine means knowing when to train, how to train, and where to train. The idea is to work on all parts of the body, as consistently as possible, so you turn out good.

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BE CONSISTENT: Working out without consistency is the same thing as not working out. Not being consistent messes with your workout routine, and that means you will probably end up looking less than you want to. In order to look very good and healthy, and get desired results, try to choose a weekly plan. Select the number of days you want to be at the gym, and make sure you stick to it. Self-discipline is important for succeeding in this journey.



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