3 Important Tips To Deal With Your Oily Skin

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Oily skin has its perks. For one, wrinkles don’t show up early and your skin doesn’t feel as parched as a desert all the time. However, people blessed with oily skin also have their own beauty battles to fight. Greasy looking skin, melting makeup and face turning into an oily mess by the time you get home are just some of the annoying skin problems they go through.

Well, not anymore. You don’t need to wear that oil-slick face all day. Here are 3 tips you can follow to keep your skin looking oil-free and fabulous, all day.

Apply primer before makeup: If you thought primer is only for a smooth finish and making your makeup last longer, think again. The right primer can give you a matte finish and keeps oil from ruining (read: melting) your makeup. Pick a mattifying primer to keep your face oil-free all day.

Use a finishing powder: Make space for translucent powder in your vanity if your skin tends to get shiny every now and then. Apply a buff of finishing powder after you are done with your makeup. It mattifies your look and absorbs excess oil from face leaving it feeling and looking non-oily.

Keep a blotting paper handy: Your skin produces more oil when you are out and about in hot and humid weather. To combat oily skin on-the-go, keep some blotting paper handy and dab it on your skin to get rid of the excess oil instantly.

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