4 Foolproof Ways To Easily Identify Fake Handbags

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One thing most people need to understand is that “Original has nothing to do with Designer”. A bag must not be from a high end luxury brand before it can be termed original. An original bag in simple term is a bag that is durable because nothing puts anyone off like buying a bag only to end up with this

Below are ways to easily know if the bag you plan to purchase is original or not.

The price of a handbag: Sad but true, if you are being realistic, you wouldn’t expect a brand “NEW” durable bag within a certain price range. If the price is too low, it is a fake handbag and certainly won’t last. If it’s too high, it doesn’t mean it is durable either. That is why you have to look out for other qualities.

The bag material can help identify fake handbags: If it’s leather, it should smell and feel like leather. Leather items should smell like leather, so if you smell glue, rubber, or chemicals, you likely have a fake on your hands. Remember, if it claims to be made from leather then it should have a soft but dry feel to it—fake leather will feel sticky and oily. Pinch and rub your fingers vigorously on any side of the bag to see if it will peel away. If it does, it’s durability should be questioned.

7 ways to spot a fake designer handbag
7 ways to spot a fake designer handbag

The Stitching: A well made bag should have neat/even stitching. Sloppy, slanted and uneven stitching is an obvious sign of a poorly made bag. Stitching is a great way to identify fake handbags

Little details that actually mean a lot: Watch out to uneven colour variation on the zipper, chain, stud, buckle and hooks. A good bag either has gold coloured zip & hooks or silver coloured Zip & hooks. It can never have both. If a bag has both, it means that the gold colour has actually washed out into silver. That equals to “DO NOT BUY IT”.

7 ways to spot a fake designer handbag

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