4 Ways Your Bra Is Making You Sick

There is a number of reasons why 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra: ignorance, embarrassment or basic laziness, but the effect of your ill-fitting lingerie is almost always the same – it is bad for your health.

It is worrying to think that most women are still wearing the wrong bra size and many women are still unaware of the connection between general breast health and well-being and wearing the right sized bra.

Here is what the wrong-sized bra could be doing to you.

Sagging and chaffing: If your bra is too tight it can cause skin damage and reduce the blood circulation, as well as feeling uncomfortable and this is not just applicable to larger cup sizes, it is just as important to wear the right sized bra for smaller breasts as a wrongly fitting one can lead to sagging breasts and chaffing. Your bra should not move throughout the day, the band should be firm enough to sit in place but if it is too big, your bra will move and this causes rubbing on the skin, which can cause irritation.

Headaches: It doesn’t it stop at skin-deep either, a poorly fitting bra offers a lack of support to the cleavage, which then means the neck and upper back muscles are having to work harder to support the weight of the breasts, as soon as the neck muscles become overworked, you are far more likely to get headaches.

Sore neck: This is not an issue with smaller breasts but with larger breasts, it can be quite a strain on the neck muscles, a properly fitted bra will offer support by taking some of the weight from the breasts and distributing it away from the neck.

kamagra europa co uk. Stiff back: cialis quotidien meilleur prix. acquire dapoxetine, acquire lioresal. It continues down the body too, a bra that is too tight restricts movement in the upper back, causing stiffness in the spine and restriction. Spines are designed to move, to bend, to rotate, but experts believe that the section where the bra strap is often has a localised stiffness at the spine (the two vertebra around the bra strap tend to be quite stiff) and this causes a backache which can then develop into back pain.


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