5 Habits That Are Making Your Hair Thinner

If you are shedding more hair than usual, chances are you have certain habits that are not good for your hair and they are making your hair thinner. No need to worry, it’s not too late to save your strands and you would know how after reading this article.

Below are 5 things you do that can make your hair thinner

STEAMY SHOWERS: Just like your skin, hot water is not good for your hair as it dehydrates the hair strands leading to a dry and brittle hair. When you take steamy showers, not only are you washing your hair’s protective oils down the drain, the heat also throws your scalp’s pores into overdrive to keep up with oil production, which can damage the root and lead to more shedding. Opt for warm showers and try to rinse hair with the coolest temperature possible.

POOR DIET: When you starve yourself, you force your body to direct its little energy left towards essential functions like helping your brain and heart work. So to save your hair, eat a healthy diet with plenty of lean protein like fish and chicken because your hair is primarily made of protein.  Protein is one thing that can make or break your hair if you are not getting enough.

TIGHT HAIRSTYLES: M aybe you love the ponytail or tight braids, you should know that wearing these hairstyles puts too much tension on your hair follicles, damaging them and creating scars that destroy them permanently. You should also know that this can lead to traction alopecia, a condition that permanently weakens the follicle and makes it impossible for hair to grow. So, cut the number of times you wear those hairstyles, you need to loosen up the hair a bit. When you tie your strands back, keep it soft – if it’s pulling on your skin, it’s way too tight.

SCRATCHING YOUR HAIR: Most people are guilty of this offense but the truth is scratching your hair may result in hair loss due to scratching-induced damage. Once the cuticle is damaged, the hair fibre is prone to breakage. So why don’t you try relieving the itch. Use a shampoo that has selenium, zinc pyrithione or tea tree oil to help with the itching.

EXPOSURE TO SUN: Prolonged exposure to sun causes the layers of the cuticle to weaken and break resulting in brittle hair that can lead to hair loss. So any time you storm the streets, it’s advisable you do that with a hat.

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