5 Healthy Foods You Must Have With Caution

brusing and fluconizole. If you have cardiovascular diseases, you know the struggle. You have to constantly monitor your food, physical activity, stress levels to keep your heart health in check. But in the quest to lead a healthy life, you may be committing some mistakes, here are 9 healthy foods that may be bad for your heart (if you don’t have them in moderation).

Almonds: Almonds in particular are a great calcium-rich snack and they’re also one of the few proteins that are alkaline forming, which helps to give you better immune function and energy. Nuts aren’t the first thing people think of when they think about calcium-rich foods, however many nuts contain a significant amount of calcium.

Refined oil: It is not at all heart-friendly. The chemistry in oils totally changes when they are refined and the antioxidants tend to get diluted. You need to have cold pressed oils, especially, cold pressed olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil.

Fish: Oily fish is amazing for the heart. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties that allow the heart to contract better thus bringing down incidence of heart attacks but make sure you have it baked or shallow-fried. You should have fatty fish just thrice a week.

Chicken & red meat: When your cholesterol levels are up, you should ideally not indulge in chicken or red meat regardless of the portion size or the way it is cooked.

Dark chocolate: It is full of trans fats which will worsen your heart condition. So keep to a maximum of one piece per day.

Fruits: Fruits are easy to digest. They have too much sugar which converts to triglycerides. Its load up on fruits just because they are a healthy food option. You must keep away from fruit juices. Fruit juices are invariably packed with excess sugar because to get one glass of juice, you usually need about 3-4 fruits. abilify rebate. purchase neurontin, purchase dapoxetine.

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