5 Key Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Wedding

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A wedding is a huge event, and it’s one with important significance, and represents a vow that the marriage should last forever.

When planning for a wedding, there are some important things every couple should have in mind, things that go beyond having a fancy wedding.

PLAN A WEDDING ACCORDING TO YOUR BUDGET: Plan a wedding that’ll suit your budget; don’t go bankrupt because you’re trying to impress your family and friends. Remember that your real lives start the next day, and you’d need money. Going broke for your wedding will put you under pressure, and that isn’t what your marriage needs.

A SUCCESSFUL WEDDING DOESN’T MEAN A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE: A successful wedding is good, but it has no effect on the marriage. It doesn’t mean that the marriage will also be successful. A wedding is only a celebration; the real marriage starts after the wedding, and it has little to do with the wedding success.

ENJOY IT: Enjoy your wedding; it only comes once. Have all the fun you can, dance all that’s in you to dance, because after that day all that will be left are memories — let the memories be worthwhile.

PLAN TO NEVER LET THE JOY FADE: The joy and love you feel on your wedding day should be permanent, and it’s possible for it to be permanent. Plan to never let that joy fade. It would require a lot of work, effort and commitment to make this happen; be ready to do it.

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