5 Perfect & Easy Steps To Shaving Your Pubic Hair

There are a lot of people who do not shave their pubic hair, not because they don’t want to, but because they are afraid of the pain and discomfort that follows the process.

Shaving pubic hair doesn’t have to be painful though, as long as you know how to go about it. Shaving should go beyond using a blade to cut out all the hair in your pubic regions; it should also involve protecting your body from whatever side effects may follow.

We have drawn a list of the 5 steps to be followed in order to have a near flawless shaving experience.

WASH UP FIRST: A lot of people don’t understand the need to wash up their pubic regions before shaving. Washing ensures that tangled hair and dirt that may be in your pubic regions are dissolved and disentangled. That of course, also makes it easier to remove hair without much hassle. For women, a vag!na wash or warm water is recommended, and for guys, a simple wash with soap should suffice.

DRY IT UP: Because the process is bigger than just washing and shaving, this step is very necessary. After washing up, you are also expected to dry it up in order to make it smoother and cleaner.

APPLY LOTION: This step is particularly necessary if you’re shaving the armpits, but if it’s just the genitals, a wash and dry should be enough for you to move to the next step.

PROCEED TO SHAVE: Having gone through the other steps, your pubic hair is very ready for a shave. You can either use a razor or a shaving stick. Whichever one you use has its good and bad side. A razor blade is more effective at giving you a quicker and smoother shave, but it can give you cuts because you have little control over it. A shaving stick on the other hand, give you more control, and is safer for use, however, it is less smooth because hair easily gets stuck in the blade areas.

RE-APPLY LOTION: This last step is important for a good smell. If you shaved your armpits, it’s also important to do this in order to keep bumps and boils at bay. Besides, you definitely want to smell good!


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