5 Reasons Why Getting A Tattoo May Be A Bad Idea

Image result for tatooTattoos are very trendy, from your favorite music/movie stars to your next door neighbors, many people seem to be very much into them, and like most trends, there comes that urge to join the craze. But before you join the trend, ask yourself are tattoos really that cool? Well, here are some reasons I think otherwise, getting your body tattoo’d usually has more con’s than pro’s and here are a few on the reasons why you should even think of getting a tattoo.

THEY DON’T NECESSARILY PAINT YOU IN GOOD LIGHT: Tattoos may look trendy and all, but if you’re honest, I’m sure you’d agree that they’re nothing regular. That means that people who get them are non-conformist, which means they’re often looked upon with some form of disdain and disrespect by other members of society who do not have them. This is the same thing even in very enlightened and free societies where everything goes. You walk into an organisation that has a corporate feel to it, and you don’t get the same treatment as everyone else.

IT MIGHT GET INFECTED AND COST YOU A BODY PART: If you go to the wrong place or deal with a “tattoo artiste” who doesn’t quite know what they are doing, the results can be disastrous. A dirty or infected needle can cost you a lifetime of health troubles so be very, very careful where you go and who you deal with.

YOU WOULD PROBABLY REGRET GETTING THE TATTOO: Hard as it may be to believe at your stage of life, the priorities of a teenager or young adult aren’t exactly those of a middle aged or elderly person. As such, the radical tattoos you have on your body might be a source of acute embarrassment in later life, for any number of reasons.

KISS THAT CORPORATE JOB GOODBYE: Beyond the danger of having your tattoos associated with the insignia of a local gang of hoodlums, there is also the danger of acquiring the ill favor of a potential employer. If you are applying for a position in a corporate organisation, you probably want to cover up the tattoos on your arms. Of course, bosses in some environments are more lenient than others but, in general, if you’re going to be working with the public in a professional capacity, you probably don’t want them gawking at your masked executioner tattoo.

YOUR BODY WILL EVENTUALLY SAG: comprar viagra autentica pfizer cytotec united states. . Your body will tend to sag a bit in some most unexpected places as you age. Tummies tend to extend, and your arms gets a bit lax. Of course, the tattoos you have in these areas will also age, and not always well.

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