5 Simple Tips To Have A Stylish Week

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Having a stylish Monday is crucial as well as having a stylish week. As we all know that looking good is good business and that quote is as real as it gets. The way you dress always affects the way you feel about yourself. Stylish Monday is probably the best thing you can add to your routine as it will positively affect your self esteem and your whole week

So we know most people have the norm of wearing certain colours and certain outfits to work and certain areas but your style as a whole does’t have to be rigid.

So these are the five tips to have a stylish Monday and week

Brooches: Brooches work for everybody. It is for the ladies and the guys. It is a wonderful way to make that suit pop, that gown dazzle and that shirt stand out. Brooches are underrated and they are essential to your outfits. It makes everything less boring.

Socks: Have you heard of the happy socks? Do you know they don’t only work out for the guys? Yes ladies you can add the happy socks to your outfit and make your outfit out of the world. Lately, the ladies have been imbibing it and the happy socks looks like it is here to stay.


Vintage Shirts: Because the vintage shirts give versatility and the love for pattern and print can never go wrong? You would definitely want to give way to the pinstripes and hook up with some amazing colours and patterns. You can never go wrong with Vintage.

Shoes: The love for shoes is the beginning of wisdom. If you wear boring shoes, then you need an intervention. You can always follow the company rules and wear shoes that make you happy. You should have shoes that make you happy.

Hair: Ladies aren’t the only ones that have fun with their hair. We all want that “I have a new look today” and it makes you confident about your day. The same happens with the guys. Your haircut gives you super powers. So always have a hair date and keep your Monday swag in check. Change it up every week and have the boldness to take on the week with the necessary attitude needed.

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