5 Ways To Stop Your Jeans From Fading

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Jeans occupy the top position in everyone’s clothing hierarchy. The most versatile piece of clothing, they go with anything, from dressy to casual wear, and are perfect for those seeking comfort. In fact, the right pair of jeans can flatter your figure in an effortless manner but it is so annoying seeing your favorite jeans fade. Got some tips to help keep your favorite jeans from fading. If you don’t like spending a fortune on new jeans only to have them look worn out within the month, here’s how to keep jeans from fading. It’s easy to do!

Hand wash: Hand washing your jeans is the most preferred option. It prevents all the stress and damage that machine wash can cause.

Limit the wash: Washing your jeans regularly makes it fade quickly. So your jeans would prefer you air them out often in fresh air. You can easily get 4-5 uses out of them if you air them regularly.

Cold water wash: Avoid hot water when washing your denim as it fades your jeans quickly. Cold water wash is always the best option for your denim.

Inside out wash: Whenever your jeans hit the water, do them inside out. It also helps keep them from fading.

Damp ironing: You finally washed your jeans and aired them, well you learning fast. Another trick you should learn is to iron them while they are a little damp. It helps keep your jeans crisp and fresh. It also helps your jeans from stretching out (something you won’t want for those lovely jeans).

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