6 Fashion Choices That Can Ruin Your Health

Teetering on sky-high heels, squeezing into skinny jeans and lugging handbags the weight of a large bowling ball can create painful maladies that may lead to chronic health problems over time. Experts talk about ways to stay stylish without sacrificing your body, don’t suffer for fashion.

Skinny jeans: maxalt mlt 10 mg od tablets. Also known as cigarette pants, skinny pants and pegs, skinny jeans fit snugly and taper completely at the bottom of the leg, they’re often so tight they require a zipper to allow them to fit over the feet. Made for both men and women, skinny jeans can cause a malady called meralgia paresthetica and it basically occurs over time and involves the compression of superficial nerves that supply sensation to the lateral thighs, causing tingling, pain, and numbness. Men who wear skinny pants may end up with a reduced sperm count due to the heat generated.

Slimming underwear: It may be your underwear, not the food at the cocktail reception, that’s giving you indigestion. Squeezing into a corset-like body smoother/shaper (formerly known as a girdle) may smooth lines under that slinky dress but can also contribute to GERD; tight-fitting belts, pants, etc., increase pressure on the abdomen and stomach. Stomach contents then have a greater likelihood of refluxing from the stomach and into the esophagus due to this increased pressure.

tips for taking cialis. Sky- high heels: Sure, they elongate your legs, but are towering heels worth the potential foot and knee problems? The higher the heel the greater the risk of stress to the knee, high heels cause excess pressure on the front of your foot as your weight shifts from your heel to the toes and balls of your feet.

Oversized earrings: Large hoop or heavy chandelier earrings add glamour to an outfit — until they catch on a shirt or scarf and end up tearing the earlobe. Simple everyday wear and tear from gravity can also stretch the earlobe piercing and result in an oval hole in the lobe, which can split the earlobe.

Piercings: Permanently affixing bling to your skin can bring unwelcome results if you’re not careful. Piercings, whether to the ears, nose or elsewhere can lead to infections, especially when they are in covered areas that are close to potentially dirty parts of the body.

Heavy bags: The size of a shoulder bag isn’t a problem, but the weight of it can cause stress across the neck, back and shoulders. A heavy bag may cause a change in body position and posture over time and this may cause the shoulder and upper back to bend forward, possibly increasing stress to the neck and lower back.” If carrying a heavy bag regularly is unavoidable, switch shoulders periodically to more evenly distribute the stress or use a backpack that distributes the stress evenly across the back and shoulders instead of isolating it to just one side of the body.


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