6 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Body Odour

Did you know that foods you eat on a daily basis can make you smell bad? Right from coffee to fish and alcohol, here are 6 foods that are a strict no-no in your diet if you are failing in dealing with body odour.

Coffee: Starting the day with a cup of hot coffee might not be a good idea, if you have trouble dealing with body odour. Research reveals that foods rich in caffeine might further worsen the condition as they stimulate the apocrine glands, which lead to excessive sweating and body odour.

Garlic and onion:Did you know that the consumption of garlic and onions can cause body odour? Well, these foods can pass of their pungent smell into the sweat and make you smell bad. Hence, cut down your intake of these foods to do your bit in fighting foul breath as well as body odour.

Cruciferous vegetables: Garlic and onion are not the only offenders; even the intake of cruciferous vegetables can make you stink as they are loaded with sulphur. These compounds are broken down in the body and passed through blood, leading to body odour so, include cruciferous vegetables like cabbage cauliflower and broccoli with caution in your diet, if you smell bad.

Pepper and spicy foods: Spices like pepper might lead to excessive sweating, especially when had during summer, moreover, eating spicy foods cause the skin pores to open up, thereby making you sweat profusely and release a foul odour. So say no to spicy foods and spices to beat body odour.

Fish: Not every individual, but only those suffering from trimethylaminuria which is a genetic condition in which the body fails to breakdown the compound trimethylamine and as a result, there is an accumulation of this compound in the body leading to foul breath, smelly urine and body odour. So, these people develop a fishy odour when had fish or other foods-rich in proteins or trimethylamine.

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