6 Rules For Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans And Still Look Stylish

Related imageWearing dress shoes with jeans. Is that even possible? Wearing jeans with dress shoes is an area where most men commit a fashion fail. Finding the balance between smart and casual can be difficult, mixing dress shoes with jeans is a great way to turn an otherwise casual outfit into one that you can wear in a variety of circumstances.

Jeans basically do not go with dress shoes, as jeans are a casual wear while dress shoes are meant for formal wears but there are some rules that would help you pull jeans on dress shoes and look stylish all the same.

The key to pulling off this look seamlessly is to make sure that you abide by a few rules.

THE KIND OF DRESS SHOE MATTERS: You can’t just wear any jeans on dress shoes; some dress shoes are strictly formal, so to pull this off, you have to go for the dress shoe that tilts a little to the casual side.

THE KIND OF JEANS MATTER: It is important to note that it is not every kind of jeans that would be fashionable with a dress shoe, the kind of jeans really matter. For you to wear jeans with dress shoes, the jeans have to be simple; meaning ripped jeans and distressed jeans wouldn’t fit.

GO FOR DRESS SHIRTS: To compliment the ensemble, fitted long sleeve shirts or dress shirts are your best bet. Don’t go for t-shirts and the lot. Dress shirts would add that bit of class to your fashion and would make your jeans on dress shoes highly fashionable.

BALANCE OTHER ELEMENTS OF YOUR OUTFIT: Even though you’re wearing jeans – the fact you’ve thrown in dress shoes as your foundation means you need to elevate the whole look. So keep your accessories simple.

THE SIZE OF THE JEANS MATTER: For you to pull jeans on dress shoes and make it fashionable, the size of the jeans is another important factor to consider. The jeans should be fitted and the base of the jeans should be smaller too; meaning boot cut jeans and baggy jeans wouldn’t work on dress shoes.

THE COLOR OF JEANS MATTER: This means you can’t pick any color of jeans to wear on a dress shoe. Black jeans is the best bet to wear with dress shoes, though blue jeans can actually fit the bill but any color other than these two is a no-go area. It is also important that the color of the shoe and jeans do not look exact, there should be a contrast.

Tread carefully with the dress shoe and jean combination especially if you have a bigger midsection.

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