6 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Contact Lens

These days contact lens has become very fashionable, as most people even go as far as picking contact lenses over recommended glasses for their eye issues but what most people don’t know is that not taking proper care of those lenses and not using them properly can lead to eye problems

Below are some tips on how to take care of your contact lens.

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    1. Scrub your contact lens lightly with clean fingers on your palm and then use standard contact lens solutions to clean the lens properly.

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    1. Never use water to clean your contact lens as it can act as a medium of contamination and can lead to eye infections if microbes are present in the water.
    2. Change the solution in the case daily and change the solution bottle every month without fail as it can put you at risk of infections if the same solution is used over and over again without discarding.
    3. It is wise to change lens case every month and if possible, use monthly disposable lenses rather than yearly or 6 monthly usage lenses as it lowers your risk of infections.
    4. Throw away lens if it falls on the floor and do not reuse the lens by washing it with a solution as it carries the risk of microbes. In such a case, use a new lens and case.


  1. Discard the lens if used during swimming as it might increase the risk of infection, this is because, the water might be contaminated with chemicals and microbes and hence, put you at risk.



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