6 Ways To Be Classy Without Going Bankrupt

Most people feel it is hard to be a classy man and save money on fashion; it looks unachievable; because most times being classy comes with a heavy price tag, right? Wrong! You can actually be classy without having to spend massively.

You don’t have to buy the season’s latest from the top-name designers to look good. As a man you should be making fashion decisions that are driven by both style and practicality. Below is how to do that.

BUY QUALITY: This might not be the kind of advice you’d want to hear, but buying quality is actually less expensive than buying quantity. For example, a good shoe will last for a very long time; it could last years and you wouldn’t still get worn out, but the same cannot be said about poor quality shoes. One quality shoe is way better than three cheap shoes; it’ll last longer, and you will look classy all the same.

BUY THINGS THAT MATCH: Another good tip for shopping classy and saving your money, is to buy classic items that can match with a lot of things. For example, a very good loafers can be worn with various attires, and even corporate attires, but an Oxford shoe will mostly fit with a formal attire, thus rendering the shoe unimportant when you want to dress casual or even semi-formal. Buying quality clothes that can be worn for any event is a good way to shop smartly.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES AND FASHION ITEMS: Maintaining your clothes, shoes, belts and other fashion items is a good way to save money. When they are properly taken care of, they’ll last longer, and you’ll save more money.

SHOP CLEARANCE SALES: You’ll be surprised at how many quality items you’ll find on the cheap during clearance sales. You can make use of this opportunity to shop cheap but yet classy items.

BE ADVENTUROUS: When it comes to fashion and buying smartly, don’t just stick to what you know. There are so many places where you can get cheap but quality items, only if you are willing to be adventurous.

FORGET BIG NAME BRANDS: If you can’t afford those big name brands, then don’t bother impressing anyone. You can get lesser known brands and still wear quality and look classy.

If you want to be a classy man and save lots of bucks, then these tips are for you.

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