7 Common Mistakes You Make While Washing Your Face & How To Fix Them

images (1)Still using that soap which you use to clean your body, to clean your face?then you are seriously doing more harm than good to your face.

Although washing the face is like the simplest process on this planet, it’s not as simple as it may seem, as some of these common face cleaning habits can lead to a whole lot of skin issues. We tell you what and how to fix them.

You are washing your face with hot water: We are sure you’re tempted to wash your face with hot water during rainy season but don’t do that; it’s like doing a disservice to your skin especially if it’s more prone to dryness. Hot water can dry up your skin and is a direct stairway to the world of wrinkles, so wash your face at the sink with lukewarm or cold water as opposed to in the hot steamy showers.

You are using soap to wash your face: buy the bluepill. buy neurontin online, buy dapoxetine online. That cake of soap is making your skin dry and flaky, it is also the reason why you don’t like looking into the mirror because your skin is dull looking. Figure out what your skin type is whether its oily, dry, normal or combination (when your T-zone is oily but cheeks and chin are dry), and buy a face wash according to that and finish it by using a mild moisturizer on your face.

You are not washing your face before hitting the bed: We have all done it, it’s tempting to sleep without washing your face but it can ruin your skin for good. The dirt and grime you collect on your skin the entire day can clog pores and prevents the formation of sebum (the natural lubricant that moisturizes your skin) from doing its job and as a result your skin can look dull and lifeless. Probably one of the reasons why you get that one too many breakouts.

You are not exfoliating your face:You are not really cleaning your pores if you are not exfoliating, so exfoliate once a week, it’s not too much to ask for, and see the change in your skin within a month, it will free your skin of those dead skin cells that are giving you a dull complexion. Do it once, do it with a mild cleanser and do it gently!

You are massaging your face in the downward direction:This applies to all the times when you are applying face wash, face scrub or moisturizer, make sure your movements are in a circular motion and directed upwards. Pulling the skin downward reduces skin elasticity causing it to sag.

You use facial wipes to clean your face: They are great for a quick cleanse and for all the times when you’re in a hurry or at the gym but, don’t replace that with your regular cleanser. Wipes will only give you a superficial clean but for a thorough clean-up of your pores, always follow up with a face wash when you get home.

You don’t pat your skin dry but rub it vigorously with a towel: zentel worm medicine side effects. This is the most common mistake and everyone is guilty of committing it, using a towel to dry your face after a quick wash is fine, as long as you are not toweling your skin like a raging, mad person. Just pat it dry because your skin is already very sensitive after a wash, drying it rigorously further with a towel will do a whole lot of damage than you can imagine.

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