7 Dangers Of Watching Too Much Television

The risks of watching television is far more than the benefit, below are several ways watching too much television affects your health.

Risk of cardiovascular diseases: where can i buy diprolene . buy cialis one a day 133. Research studies have implied that a person’s risk of suffering from a fatal cardiovascular disease increases by 18 percent for each hour of everyday that they spend in watching TV. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, watching excessive TV is equivalent to slow poison.

Risk of developing attention deficit disorder: Children are more likely to develop neurological disorders and have trouble while concentrating if they spend so much of their time in watching TV. The fast moving pictures and constantly changing sounds are said to be dangerous for young children.

Disturbance in sleep patterns: The importance of sleeping well in order to promote good health has been stressed a lot by doctors. Watching too much TV is harmful to sound sleep. Light from the TV set stimulates the brain and reduces the production of melatonin, which promotes sleep. Especially in the evenings, the level of melatonin increases in the body to help it relax for the night.Watching too much TV interrupts this natural balance and consequently, leads to fatigue and irregularities in sleep.

Greater strain on the eyes: It is not a secret that too much of television viewing puts stress to your eyes. One should avoid watching TV in a dark room for extended periods of time.

Increased risk of having diabetes: Studies conducted have concluded that the watching of too much TV is associated with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This risk is increased by 14% for every 2 hours (per day) of TV viewing.

Higher risk of becoming obese: Both adults and children are likely to become obese by watching too much TV. Sitting for hours on end causes the body’s metabolic rate to slow down. Therefore, more fat is stored in the body.

Increased probability of overeating: This is a common and an unhealthy outcome of watching TV. People most times, if not never realize how much food, especially junk food, is consumed while watching TV.



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