7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Heart Strong & Healthy

professionalsildena50mg. The heart is the most important muscle of our body and it is thus important to maintain a healthy heart. If you wish to avoid any risk of a heart disease, it is time you introduce some changes in your everyday lifestyle, so that you always live hale and hearty. Here are 7 ways to ensure your heart is strong.

Healthy diet- where to buy viagrain ireland. Start including only healthy and nutritious food items and ingredients in your diet. Natural herbs and spices such as coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, etc, are great for your heart. They are great as taste enhancers too.


Sleep well- Don’t deprive yourself of 8 hours of sleep in the night. Less sleep can put stress on your heart muscles, thus making you more prone to the risk of suffering from heart problems like a heart attack. If you sleep less, your body will not produce enough serotonin (a hormone) which makes you feel good and healthy, thus inducing stress. you’ll also want to eat more in a day.

Exercise- Include moderate exercise as a part of your routine. A sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of coronary heart disease. Regular exercising promotes weight loss and reduces problems of high cholesterol or high blood sugar all triggers for heart problems.

generic doxycycline, generic zithromax. Reduce stress- Anxiety and stress can damage the heart muscles. Practice yoga or meditation on a regular basis to avoid stress.

Reduce sodium level intake- You can reduce your salt intake in the food. Do not use any artificial ingredients in your food while preparing a dish as it has a high level of sodium. Prefer eating fresh food. Avoid processed or canned food like fruit juices, baked good or even red meat. Food containing preservatives has high sodium levels, it is best to avoid it.

Eat fresh It is best to consume whole grains, unrefined plant foods like fresh fruits, fresh/organic vegetables, pulses or any other form of nutrition- rich food. All these foods contain a high dose of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, etc, which prevents the risk of high cholesterol, and heart disease. Dietary fibre, which is found in fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts, is good for lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and encouraging a healthy weight. So, include it as far as possible in your regular diet.

Maintain your weight-Obese or overweight people are at a higher risk of suffering from an attack or a heart stroke. Therefore, it is important to maintain your ideal body weight ratio. Your body mass index is the best indicator of ideal weight. By losing that extra weight, you can guarantee yourself healthier arteries and regulate your blood sugar levels. Monitor your diet and exercise regularly.

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