7 Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Your teeth is an important part of your mouth, and is important for food digestion but many people expose their teeth to dangerous habits which are not good for the teeth.

Listed below are some of the habits that are harmful to your teeth:

Brushing your teeth is a good oral hygiene; however, brushing too hard can wear down the protective layer of the tooth — the enamel, irritate your gum and even cause cavities.

Smoking:  buy tadacip 20 mg cod pharmacy online. Smoking can cause all manner of dangers to your oral health; such as gum disease, stains on the teeth, raise the risk of mouth cancer and dry up the mouth, which could cause a build up of plaque.

Soda: The acidity in soda is bad for your teeth; it can damage your enamel and cause decay around your gum. It’s even worse when you sip soda for a long time.

generic depakote, generic clomid. Nail biting:  cialis dosage. Biting your nail is bad for your teeth; it puts too much pressure on the teeth and can move the teeth out of its place. It can even do damage to your enamel.

Using teeth as a tool: People use their teeth as bottle opener, to cut objects and do certain chores in the house, but that’s bad for the teeth. It can cause your teeth to crack and cause other problems for the teeth.

Chewing ice: The cold temperature of ice and its hardness can are not healthy for your teeth and can cause serious teeth damage.

Lemons: Sucking on lemons for long is also bad for your teeth. Lemons are very acidic and can cause the tooth enamel to erode.


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