7 Must-Have Accessories Every Naturalista Should Own

Deciding to go natural can be exciting. With the newfound obsession for natural hair, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. There is no way we can ignore the use of accessories, It’s super important. purchase zoloft, purchase Zoloft. image

Accessories should not just end with our dresses or neck pieces and arm candies. As a naturalista, you know the importance of taking your glam up a notch by accessorizing, especially on days when the hair just would not cooperate. Now don’t get me wrong, your curls are pretty just the way they are, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little oomph here and there, right?Whether you are thinking of going natural or you have begun the journey already, here is a list of must-have accessories for your Natural Hair, these tools can be the difference between a bad hair day and an amazingly improvised and respectable hair style.

Below are top five ways to accessorize your curls:

Pins: There is absolutely no way you can have a bad hair day when you have a stash of these items. You canAi??literally force your hair to go where you want. The trick with pins is knowing how to use them correctly and having the correct size.

Headbands: Hair bands/crowns come in all shapes and designs and are easily available online and in major retailer stores. From feather trim fascinators to beaded and bejeweled chains, you can transform into angelic bohemian beauties There are so many various hairstyles that can be accomplished with a good headband.

Hair scarves:You can never go wrong with wearing colourful hair scarves as headbands. You can find so many vibrant colours.For the bad hair days or deep conditioning days. Scarfs come in handy. Definitely a must-have.

Turbans:Tired of scarfs? kick it up a notch, lets go big. Turbans to the rescue.

Clips: This also does the same thing as the bobby pins only its a lot more fancy, helps put your hair and place while adding beauty, most appropriate for kids.

Hats and caps: Not only do hats protect your precious coils from the harmful effects of the sun, they are a sure way to add personality to your entire outfit! There are lots of hats in the market from bowler hats to fedoras to berets; the list is endless.

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