7 Side Effects Of Makeup You Need To Know

cheap kamagra supplier. In a world where one’s life is being judged by how great you look in your pictures, there is a constant expectation to look your best all the time. Wanting to be always selfie-ready, however, comes at a price. The makeup industry has been telling women for years how a little foundation and dash of mascara can liven up your face instantly. While that may be true, applying makeup every day can have several harmful side effects on your skin and body.

Facial makeup has its good side and bad side. Your makeup routine sometimes determines your total wellbeing. There are some side effect that would leave you shocked.

Make up products are made up of chemical that are indeed harmful to the skin and cause side effects.These should be somewhat expected because majority of these products are made with harsh and harmful chemicals that could damage the skin and other organs completely.

Below are some side effects of makeup you need to know about.

Headache: Many cosmetic products use antimicrobial preservatives which tend to release formaldehyde. These products are found to be a cause of headache and also other sin irritations that could arise from the sue of makeup. If you are heavy user, it might be time to lay low for a while.

Acne: Acne is majorly caused by blocked skin pores. Make up product allow for the clogging of these pores, which in turn leads to acne and other skin breakouts. Excess use can also lead to formation of blackheads.

Skin irritation: Skin irritations are most times to be expected when dealing with some of these makeup products. The ingredients of these products are harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be in contact with the skin for too long.

Eye infections: Eye makeup is used extensively even by women who don’t use heavy makeup. But it’s important to remember that your eyes and the skin around them is the most sensitive area of your face. Layers of eye makeup can be damaging to your eyes as it also slips into your eyes through the corners causing irritation. Too much mascara and eyeliner inhibits the growth of eyelashes and also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which could lead to irritations and infections.

Premature ageing: Excess makeup causes a lot of skin pigmentation which can cause early ageing effects on the skin. After a long period of time using make up products, you will begin to notice wrinkles and patches on the skin. In the long run, the very marks that are tried to be hidden by the makeup are the eventual outcome of the whole process.

Skin discoloration: Skin products like sunscreens, moisturizers, toners, and creams contain agents that bleach or darken the skin. Cosmetic products that use poor quality ingredients which have not been regulated can lead to skin discoloration. The effect could be patches, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, redness, and freckles. Though your skin is meant to protect you, it is also very sensitive and needs to treated with care. So avoid using chemical products for your daily skincare routine.

Infertility: Make up products and other skincare products may contain Paraben which adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and other function of the male reproductive system. This study arose from the fact that the products are penetrated deep into the skin and indirectly ingested.


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