7 Things Every Bride Must Do For A Great Time At Her Wedding

Image result for things a bride must do to a have a great time on her wedding dayTowards your wedding day, you may either start to feel confident that all is set for smooth ride or worry that something may just fall apart at the last minute.  Of course, if you are organised, you would have a checklist which you’d go through over and over again. Still, sometimes you get too concerned with the big things – food, venue, entertainment – that you forget the little things. Never mind, we are here to help. Here is a list of the little things you need to do to make your wedding not only goes smoothly but guarantee you have a good time and keep smiling for the cameras.

Eat something: A light breakfast would help a lot. Sometimes, couple get so caught up in that activities that they forget to eat even at the reception and then there is no more food. Have someone pack you some food for later. Your bridesmaid or best man should also have a light snack handy in case you start to get hungry right after the ceremony and before the reception. We don’t want you fainting or ruining your pictures with a hunger frown.

Have an emergency makeup kit handy: In between sharing a kiss after your wedding vows and then for pictures, there are chances that your make up may get ruined. If you hired a professional make-up artist, don’t worry, she has got you covered. Else, let your bridesmaids keep a make-up bag -including wipes and handkerchiefs – on hand for you.

Prioritize: One of the most important things is to prioritize your duties for the day. Make a list of things you need to do and get done. Start your day early or plan in advance. Delegate work to your best friends, siblings and other family members and make your life simpler. It is easy to forget a few things when you have hundreds of them on your mind. Making lists and prioritizing will help you cope with that.

Stay hydrated: The last thing you would want to happen on the day of your wedding is to get dehydrated or fall sick. Be safe than sorry and keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day. Have lots of water, fresh fruit juices, lemon water or coconut water. It will keep you fresh and glowing for the evening as well.

Get a back-up photographer or videographer: Some wedding photographers are God’s alone to judge. You sometimes hear stories of couples who have to retake your wedding photos months after the wedding thanks to some inept photographer. To be on the safe side, get a relative or friend to also take pictures so that you don’t end up disappointed at the end of the day and when your photographer does come true you would have different angles to the day.

Keep a change of shoes close by: Especially if your wore heels. You can change to a nice pair of flat shoes so that your feet don’t end up hating you at the end of the day.

Make sure you have a tampons or sanitary towel in a purse somewhere: You never know, your period may just show up due to the stress of planning a wedding and then your white wedding gown will become your worst enemy.

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