7 Tips For A Perfect Ramadan Wedding

ramadan wedding

The Holy Month of Ramadan started few days ago, and for Muslim faithfuls, it’s a solemn time of reflection and repentance. Ramadan is a blessed month. Some people may want to take advantage of it and get married and for others it may seem to be too much of an inconvenience.

Not many people have their weddings during Ramadan, but if yours falls into this time of the year, don’t panic because we have tips to help you out.

Here are 5 key tips every couple needs to plan their perfect Ramadan wedding and still have a fun time.

Keep the wedding details simple: This is a time of solemnity, so your wedding has to reflect the spirit of the season. It’s the best time to have a small, intimate wedding ceremony!

Have Your Nikah At The Mosque: This will make logistics a lot easier for you as well and asides that, your Nikah enjoys the blessings of being held in a holy place.

Don’t exert yourself: You’re the bride, let other people do the running around for you! You can’t come and collapse on your own wedding day.

Organize takeaway food packs for guests: Some of your guests will be fasting, and you have to ensure their comfort by providing food and cake in takeaway packs so they can break their fast at their leisure.

Focus on hydrating: You don’t want to look tired on your wedding day. Even if you’re not eating, don’t neglect water. You’ll look refreshed and camera ready for your day.

Have the Nikah just before Iftar: Serving your guests meals is one of the major things to consider if you are planning a Ramadan wedding. Having your Nikah just before Iftar will ensure that the ceremony moves along smoothly and Iftar isn’t disrupted as well.

Have an Iftar dinner party: This is the perfect way to break your fast and have an amazing reception at the same time. Your guests will have lots of healthy meal options to choose from.

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