7 Trendy Shoe Styles Every Man Needs

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A great pair of shoes is a very vital part of one’s dressing, a man’s shoes say a lot about him and where he wants to go. Shoes play an essential role in every outfit. After all, the right footwear can quickly make or break your look. So, if you want to appear stylish, it’s important to have the right shoes on hand to complete and complement your every ensemble.

There are different shoes for different occasions, along with what shoe is most appropriate for a particular outfit. There are some basic shoes every man needs to achieve an effortless elevated style on your feet.

DESERT BOOTS: This redefines casual by making it look better and still looking sharp in them. They are super comfy and give the impression that you’re not trying to under do or overdo. Not only will this classy casuals be appropriate for nearly everything, they can easily go with khakis or even better with blue jeans.

SNEAKERS: Any color of sneakers will suffice but white will just be brilliant. A nice pristine pair of white sneakers will keep things relaxed but classy at the same time. It can be worn on jeans and this might even sound ridiculous, even a suit. It completes the effortless off-the-clock outfit.

BROGUES: The conventional formal outfit may not be your forte, but once in a while a man has to attend the formal events – Weddings, Banquets, Dinners –they’re inevitable. Pairs like this come in to save the day. Having slight resemblances with wingtips, they are designed with perforated details at the sides and on the toe area of the shoes – Broguing- as opposed to the classic Oxfords that don’t have these perforations. They have this traditional style that add a distinct feature of class to the formal outfit. You should own one. It’s an essential. A requisite. Get a pair or even the Oxfords as they may come in handy someday.

LOAFERS: This is yet another laceless and stressless option that links the casual and formal aesthetic. This may come in any colour and would fit in anything, anywhere. A versatile one .They might not be worn so often but they’re worth an investment and would make a perfect fit to your shoe rack.

SANDALS: Sandals seem to be back and will be here for a long time. Give your feet proper breathing room in a pair of open-toe men’s sandals for the sleek and minimalist look anyone will die for. Or you can even go all Ancient Roman on them and go with the gladiators. They are super cushioned and comfy like that.

CHELSEA BOOTS: This gives you a sleeker and edgier look and it varies from the Desert boots. No laces here and would be better on skinny jeans. Kanye made these more popular and you can even join him.

MONK STRAPS: This still belongs to the category of the formal outfits. But in this, its a slight deviation from the everyday lace-ups – It’s buckles here. They set many eyes gazing at your feet.

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