9 Bra Types For Different Br3ast Sizes

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Are you wearing the best bra for you? Whether you have big boobs, flat chest tangerines, watermelons, cucumbers you should always endeavor to wear the right bra.

There is a bra for every shape and size. Best believe, you probably do not know some of these bras exist.

This ultimate guide to bra shopping will help you figure out which bra you really need. Below are 9 different bra types for different br3ast sizes.

Padded bra: This is a very popular brassiere made to give hope to the boobless. It’s padded cup prevents show of nipples under T-shirts and fitted outfits. Some have under-wire for added support or no wire for all day comfort.

T-shirt or contour bras: This style of bra literally disappears under clingy/fitted clothes. The cups always hold their shape. This bra is meant for everyday comfort. T-shirt bras are perfect for any breast size.

Push-up bra: As the name implies, push-up bras are designed to push the breasts upwards and together for a sexy cleavage. They are often padded with silicone gel or foam to lift the br3ast tissue. Push-up bras come in variety of styles. Some of them are made with additional cutlets which can be removed or inserted by the wearer when or however they want depending on the intensity of cleavage they aspire to achieve. Push-up bras with additional cutlets are also great for women with asymmetrical br3asts(where one br3ast is bigger than the other) or (women who have undergone surgeries to take out cancerous lumps from their br3asts) as padding can be worn in one bra cup.

Mastectomy Bra: This is the right bra for women who have undergone mastectomy (complete removal of breasts due to cancer). They are designed with silicone prosthesis pockets and feather-soft fabric with an anti-microbial finish.

Convertible Bra: As the name implies, convertible bras can be worn in multiple ways. It’s made with detachable straps that can be re-arranged in multiple ways. It can be worn as a single strap, double strap, cross back or strapless depending on preference of the wearer.

Bralette: Bralettes are unlined, unpadded and wire free. It can be worn as inner wear or outer wear. Some bralettes take same shape as sports bras. However, unlike sports bra, they are made of fancy fabrics like lace.

Sports bra: Wire-free, unpadded and made of 100 percent breathable fabric. They are designed to hold the breasts in place during work out.

Nursing bras: A special bra made in heaven for br3ast-feeding mothers. it is a specialized brassière that provides more support to women who are lactating and permits comfortable br3astfeeding without the need to remove the bra. This is accomplished by specially designed bra cups that include flaps which can be opened with one hand to expose the n!pple . The flap is usually held closed with a simple clasp or hook.

Stick on bra: This is the bra you’ve probably seen advertised all over Instagram. It’s not a full on bra however, if you’re looking for nipple coverage that’s super sticky and almost invisible, stick on bra is your one in all solution for backless/sheerless blouses and gowns. Stick on bras are made of silicone, polyurethane or similar material and designed with two bra cups which have a layer of adhesive (to stick to skin) and applied directly onto the br3asts.

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