9 Things You SHOULD NEVER Wear To An Office Party

@lovefromjulezIt’s the festive season, a period for all types of activities, random gatherings, office festivities, hanging out with friends and family and of cause for many workers it is that time for the annual Christmas party which means a lot of dressing up to be done this month. The holiday office party bash requires a more strategic approach compared to what you can wear to other social events because there are two sides to dressing up on the one hand there is the professional look and on the other there is the social look so what you need to do is walk in between this two to achieve something worthy of swooning over. Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to show off your sartorial elegance it just means you need to be seductive and powerful at the same time.

While the dress code for every event varies there are some things that you SHOULD NOT wear.

Listed below are 9 things you shouldn’t wear to an office party.

Wearing anything too short is an absolute NO NO except you wear a sensible pair of tights and you must have got a lot of confidence.

Wearing what is too tight can also be very discomforting especially when you plan to gulp down a few shots of drinks or whatever finger food comes your way, trust me you will thank us later.

Anything too low is also very risky when you don’t plan on being risque, remember its a Christmas celebration.

Its a party and not a noise fest so stay clear of any jangling jewelry that would announce your presence.

Wearing seasonally inappropriate clothing; remember its not that time of the year so get with the program.

As much as we like suede and silk, if they are not made into footwear they need to take a back sit. Its actually too hot for that now.

Its the holidays and you are expected and should look different from the way you have always looked. So if by default you have a uniform style you have got to turn it off or mix it up.

Kindly stay away from shoes that you can’t walk in because how do you expect to have fun at the party if you are uncomfortable.

Stay away from anything you can’t dance in; its the festive season therefore you should have on pieces that you can boogie down in, try the drop test (drop down in what you want to wear and see if it stays intact).

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