A Man’s Guide To Wearing Bracelet Without Looking Awkward

When it comes to accessories, men tend to shy away from jewelries, ever noticed that apart from wedding band and wristwatch men rarely wear other accessories? Can you still wear one and feel masculine? Yes, you can. Like any jewellery, bracelets can ampicillin overnight shipping. be a part of a stylish man is wardrobe

The role of a well-chosen bracelet is not that different from the role of any other piece of jewelry, like a necklace or a ring. It is there to be a noticed accent and not the centre piece of your outfit, but definitely a distinct part of the look

Here are our basic guidelines on how to wear a bracelet without looking awkward:

  • Treat bracelets like wristwatches they stay against the skin, under any sleeves long enough to cover them.
  • You can tack up as many thin cord bracelets on the same wrist as you like, but don’t go for multiples of thick, metal bracelets
  • Similarly, a wristwatch looks okay with thin cord bracelets, but not with a thick metal one. Don’t mix more than one big metal band on the same wrist.
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  • One wrist bare always looks better than both wrists occupied so matching bracelets on each wrist is definitely a no-no, unless you are going for a bondage cuff kind of look.

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