Basic Bra Rules For Every Woman

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A bra is an important item in a woman’s wardrobe and it is vital every woman knows the basic rules of bra. There are some rules that guide the use of bras, these rules are simple rules that would guide your use of bras and they are rules you can’t easily forget.

Below are the basic bra rules every lady should know about.

It is wrong to just own a pair of bra: Bras are very important underwear and every woman should have at least three pairs. If you can have more, then you should. So if you have just one bra, then you need to add more bras to your bra collection as it is important you rotate your bras.

How do you wash your bras?: It is important you hand wash your bras as this would maximize the life expectancy of your bras. No matter how busy you are, you should create out time to hand wash your bras.

Never forget the primary function of your bra is to support your br3ast: The general rule of thumb when using bras is you should be able to stick no more than two fingers between your back and your bra strap.

Always clasp your bras when they are in your drawers or any other place you keep them as leaving them unclasped could make other clothing get caught by the closures and this isn’t what you want as you could ruin your garments.

When using your bra, always ensure the gore lies flat against your sternum without any gaps between your body and the bra. The gore is the center of the bra that connects the cups in front.

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