Brides-To-Be: What To Wear To Your Court Wedding

Most brides often get lost while preparing for their Traditional and white wedding forgetting the registry. At the last minute, you see most shopping for ‘anything nice’ to wear.

The court wedding/ civil marriage is very important as it is recognized by the laws of a country (in this case Nigeria) and can on its own serve as proof of a marriage contract between 2 people.

There is so much controversy around what to wear to a court wedding. The fact that it takes place in a court makes it somewhat formal and even though it is still your wedding, its advised you opt for a semi-formal yet elegant look as the good news is that there are no formal dress codes for these venues especially if its your wedding..

As boring as people quickly make court weddings to be, it is a monumental step towards  your forever after and you don’t want look back at those pictures and wish you had dressed nicer.

Even though the traditional color to wear to your wedding is white, no rule states that you must pull a white outfit to your court wedding. Thankfully most modern brides are embracing change and styling things up.  It’s totally okay to try other colors, styles and necklines too.

  1. White outfits: This doesn’t have to be boring or regular. If you must go with white, choose your preferred outfit and compliment with accents like hues or red, green or even blue. This should create an intriguing yet court-wedding-appropriate look.
  2. Lengths: Because it’s not the official church wedding, its okay not to wear a floor-length dress. Whatever length you feel comfortable in is just perfect.
  3. Necklines & slits: show some skin if you must, it is okay to look sexy to your court wedding. Opt for a low necklines or thigh high slits provided you are comfortable in it. You don’t want to keep adjusting your outfit on your special day.

Remember, there is no standard outfit to wear to a court wedding, so wear the color that makes you feel happy and beautiful but make sure that it is a killer look.. .

Here are some outfit inspirations;

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