Common Mistakes Every Married Couple Should Avoid For A Loving & Happy Home


A blissful and successful relationship requires constant effort to maintain, and healthy habits kept by both parties. If you want to enjoy prolonged marital happiness and peace, you must do all in your power to ensure you do fall into the following marriage traps. Below are things every couple should do to have a happy home

Don’t take each other for granted: Couples who say “thank you”, and express their appreciation more often, remain married, as opposed to couples who don’t. Anyone in any kind of relationship or friendship will end up less satisfied or happy with the other party if they find they’re being taken for granted.

Don’t drag out old issues: Communication is important, and that extends to when you’re arguing, too. Couples should never go to bed while remaining angry with one another. Instead, try and settle the issue at hand before bedtime, and leave it once you’ve communicated your differences or grievances. Never let it fester and/or bring it up during your next argument.

Be kind, be polite: It may be obvious, but never throw insults, sarcasm, condescending words or eye-rolling for that matter.

Never making the first move: This mostly concerns women. Even if your partner is usually the one who makes the move for sex in your marriage, don’t ever be afraid to switch things up. This is one change that will add a lot of spice to your bedroom life or wherever you prefer to often have s3x. Same rule goes for other acts of displaying affection.

Public fights: Little quarrels and squabbles are quite normal, even expected to happen once in a while in every marriage; but for everyone’s sake, please keep your disagreements behind closed doors.

Don’t complain about one another: If you’ve got issues, talk it about between the both of you. Don’t involve others in your marriage by complaining about your spouse.

Don’t compare: You’ve chosen each other as your life partner, and should accept and love him or her for who he or she is. Comparing will only hurt your relationship, and honestly, it’s unrealistic and unfair to your partner.

Never eating together: If you have never eaten a meal with your spouse; or if you used to but not anymore, you should start it again. Couples should frequently find time to enjoy a meal together. It has the advantage of helping you develop communication and togetherness.

Technology ‘overuse’: When most of your concentration shifts from your lover to your phone, the results can only be negative. Communication can fall by the wayside, your partner may feel neglected and neither of these things is good for your marriage.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations: Whether these stemmed from before or after the marriage, you should discuss things with your partner. Unrealistic or high expectations can lead to feelings of frustration, and eventually, a distant relationship. Arguments usually happen when your expectations don’t match one another’s, as you don’t see where the other party is coming from.

Remember: no one is perfect. Instead, step back, and try to see things from your partner’s shoes.

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