Common Skin Care Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Some skin care mistakes are just common. You won’t believe how many mistakes you make when it comes to your skin, those mistakes could be as little as using the wrong soap, popping pimples – believe us, there are a few things one basically can’t do without.

Today, we will be sharing some of that skin care faux pas with you. These are the things you should definitely not do to your skin as they can cause hyper-pigmentation, excess oil production, acne, excessively dry skin and loads more.

You might want to bookmark this because these are common skin care mistakes everyone needs to stop making.

Popping pimples be they black or white heads: Popping a pimple is so satisfying, you feel good about it, and lighter. But this common skin care mistake can be bad for you. Like, really bad. You could end up rupturing the pimple, causing it to spread underneath the skin. Also, your nails could end up digging the skin leaving scarring. Just leave that pimple alone and use a product with benzoyl peroxide to dry it out.

Over exfoliation: Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and leaves you with softer newer skin. We get it but if you do this too much, you will regret it. When you exfoliate too much, your pores become enlarged and produce a lot of oil to protect itself.

Stay away from foods that are bad for your pores: Foods that are high in sugar content is bad for your pores. This means cakes, ice cream, doughnuts, alcohol are not kind to your pores. High sugars lead to the production of insulin, which leads to inflammation and excess production of sebum. Sebum clogs our pores and BAM – Acne City!. This common skin care mistake leaves your skin parched and dehydrated skin produces more sebum which clogs pores.

Overusing blotting paper: Blotting paper can be our saving grace! When your makeup starts to get shiny due to oil on your skin, we use blotting paper to dab that excess off, makes makeup look almost as good as new. However, some of us get a bit too trigger happy with the blots, the more you blot your skin, the more your skin feels like it should compensate for the oil removed. So, more blotting equals more oil production and this could lead to clogged pores! So, blot, but not too much. Once or twice a day is a good range.


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