Correct Skin Blemishes & Pigmentation With This 7-Days Skin Whitening Remedy

Image result for Skin Whitening Remedy To Correct Blemishes & Skin HyperpigmentationSkin Whitening is common especially in Nigeria and if it is to be done, it should be done for the right reason! There is nothing wrong in correcting blemished areas/ skin hyper pigmentation by ‘lightening’, ‘brightening’ or ‘toning’ the area to match the rest of the body (although some people just whiten the skin to be lighter just because they want it that way- and though this is not safe in the long run, they might as well do it organically; without using harmful chemicals!).

Skin whitening, brightening, toning and so can be done with topical creams or by technical/expert procedures but some remedies with non chemical ingredients also work just as well.

If done well and consistently for 7 days, this remedy produces a whitening and brightening effect on skin areas in a week:


1. Rice Flour

2. Plain Flour

3. Milk


1. Mix the dry ingredients; plain flour and rice flour together

2. Add milk to the mixed plain flour and rice flour

3. Mix all the ingredients to form a film (not a paste)

4. Wash affected areas of the skin(ensure its clean)

5. Apply a thick film (like a mask) all over affected area

6. Dip tissue or cotton pad into goat milk (goat milk has brightening properties)

7. Cover the affected areas with the tissue or cotton pad (moistened with goat milk)

8. After covering the body/parts to be whitened with the tissue/cotton pad, let it sit for about 30-40 minutes to dry

9. Wash this off

Use this continuously for 7 days.

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