Cost Effective Beauty Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Makeup creasing tutorial

Believe it or not 99% of ladies love makeup even though most don’t have enough money to but all the necessary makeup items for their kits. You may not have all the makeup artist collections and beauty products arrays, but you can still look good. Looking good on a budget is why beauty hacks were invented.

Here are some beauty hacks that will keep you slaying all the time;

Pencil to gel liner: You can’t spend money on both gel eyeliners and the pencil kind. If you have the pencil liner, you can turn it into a gel liner in two steps. Place the tip of the pencil over a naked flame for some seconds. Pop into the refrigerator to cool and then apply. Same finish as a gel liner.

Makeup wipes alternative: Honestly, makeup wipes aren’t all they are cracked up to be. They cost a lot of money and they hardly last. Try baby wipes instead. Not only are they a cheaper alternative, they last much longer than traditional makeup wipes. And they leave your face feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Drying nail polish: If you do your manicure or pedicure yourself, then drying it quickly can sometimes be very necessary. The fastest way to dry your newly painted finger/toe nails is to stick them into cold water for a few minutes.

Apply perfect mascara: It’s annoying when you are applying mascara and it messes up your look by smudging on your eyelids. Solution: business cards. Place a business card behind your lashes before your apply mascara. It straightens your lashes and prevents mascara from smudging on your eyelids.

Long lasting lipstick: If you have a concealing foundation, apply that to your lips after lining them properly. Then apply lipstick. It will stay all day. If you don’t have a concealing foundation, simply place some tissue over your already applied lipstick. Then apply some powder onto it. Same result.

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