Couples-To-Be: 5 Things To Consider Before You Throw A Big & Lavish Wedding

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These days, almost everyone wants a big, classy and lavish wedding to mark the most important day of their lives but the sad truth is that,not everyone can afford it.

If you want a big wedding, but you can’t afford it and you are already feeling bad about it or trying to take some extreme measures to have that lavish wedding of your dream, then these tips below are for you.

Here are some things you should consider before you throw that big and lavish wedding party.

THE MARRIAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WEDDING: Your marriage with your partner is much more important than having a big, fancy wedding. So don’t lose sight of the more important for the least important.

SOMETIMES SIMPLE CAN BE CLASSY: Simple sometimes can be classy; a simple well-organised wedding can leave lasting memories even more than big, fancy weddings.

CONSIDER INVITING FEWER PEOPLE: Consider inviting fewer people for your wedding; each added wedding guest comes with an additional cost. Your wedding would be by far less expensive when you have fewer guests.

TRY TO HAVE AN OPEN AIR WEDDING: Wedding halls might be the norm, but they’re far more expensive. Try to have an open air wedding instead, like in a park, a beach, a garden etc; this would save you a lot of cost, and give your wedding a natural and classy feel.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS CAN ALWAYS HELP: If you have supportive family and friends, they can also help save you some cost by doing some wedding tasks for you or footing some bills.

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