Couples-To-Be: Tips To Ace Your After Wedding Party

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The wedding after-party is the time for the couple and their friends to cut loose and dance to celebrate the new couple. Like every party, it can either be mad fun or a flop depending on how it’s planned.
These 8 tips are a surefire way to have a wedding after-party that your guests will remember for a long time, and usher in your marriage in the best way.

Change into something comfortable: Your wedding dress might be too bulky to dance in, and you need to breathe sis!

Finger food: The wedding food has been served, but people can’t drink on an empty stomach. Make small shops and finger food available for your friends.

Invest in props: Sparklers, glow sticks, fun sunglasses, party lights, name tags…the props make the party even more fun and keeps the vibe going.

Get a mad DJ: Is it even a party if your DJ is dead? Make sure whoever you hire knows how to get the party started-and keep it going with fire jams!

Find out when your hall closes: You don’t want to be getting your groove on only for the lights to go off by 9pm. Please make sure your venue allows partying into the night.

Chase away the parents (and kids): There are going to be shenanigans, so let the parents and kids be safely away before the party-unless you have really cool older relatives. Your parents can’t be watching you show off your hottest twerk moves.

Have a different venue/IV for your crowd: If the parents and older people will hush your vibe, then get sneaky by getting a different venue or even a special invitation that only your friends will know about. Once the reception is over, issa party!

Drinks! Drinks!! Drinks: Keep the drinks coming for a lit party!!!

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