Daily Habits Of People With Gorgeous Nails

If you take out time to care for your hair, face, skin and style, your nails shouldn’t be any different. Your hand is one of the first contacts people have when they meet with you, so what’re your nails saying?

Below are 5 daily must observe habits of women with good nails.

Trim Regularly: Regular trims are as important to your nails as they are to your hair. Trim your nails often, say once in every 2 weeks to keep them safe.

Health over Length: Who doesn’t like beautiful long nails? But if you had to choose between health and appearance, health should come first. A shorter nail style with a rounded edge tends to be easier to manage and looks neater, so you can focus on building strength without worrying about anything else.

Keep The Hands Clean- Always: Before you do anything, it’s important to make sure your nails and the skin around them are thoroughly dirt-free. Then remove all traces of your last color with an acetone-free remover (anything else unnecessarily dries out your nail). Researchers recommend applying soap to a toothbrush, then gently scrubbing your nails and skin. This will remove dirt and exfoliate any dead skin without the need for harsh, drying chemicals or expensive scrubs.

Keep your hands away from Hot or Icy Water: Hot water makes skin dry by taking away sebum; cold can cause a constriction and then a dilation of capillary vessels, leading to redness. Keep your hands clear of extreme water temperatures- hot or cold.

Observe regular Cuticle care: Uncared-for cuticles are prone to hangnails and dryness, while badly cut or bitten cuticles put the skin around the fingers at a risk of infection. Observe regular cuticle care by moisturising, timing hangnails, and not pushing back dry cuticles.

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