DIY Body Scrub Your Skin Needs

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Exfoliation is very good for the skin as removes dead cells and allows for the penetration of your beauty products. The best thing about this DIY scrub is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry after exfoliation. Interested in this? Find out how you can make this transforming scrub at the comfort of your home and with ingredients that are readily available to you. Coffee Coconut Scrub.

What you will need .

1 cup coffee grinds

1/2 cup coconut oil .

1/4 cup sugar.

A good exfoliating body scrub can mean the difference between itchy, rough legs and silky smooth skin. For this scrub, the coffee and sugar particles act as exfoliants, while the coconut oil replaces the moisture back into your skin. Using a bowl, combine a single cup of unused coffee grinds with a half cup of coconut oil and a quarter cup of sugar.

Mix the ingredients very well, then put your mixture into a re-sealable jar so it is ready for your next shower! You can even use it on dry skin before showering for a serious exfoliating rubdown.

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