DIY: Easy Steps To Making A Braided Wig

Braided wigs has taken the spotlight in beauty and ladies can’t help but queue up as they keep ordering for theirs but have you ever wondered how to get out of that long queue by trying out a braided wig yourself without getting disappointed or worried the one you ordered for hasn’t arrived or wasn’t exactly how you wanted it? Today, we will be putting you through few steps to making a braided wig yourself.First, we need to understand we all need to get ourselves familiar with the items needed to carry out this task.

Things you will need:
– Attachments: It’s always important to have your attachment in place. Attachments are one of the major requirements as this serves as the main weave being turned into a wig.

– Scissors: This item should be your best friend because it plays huge role in determining the size and length of the hair, this is used in cutting the attachments into your preferred look.

– Wig Cap: Highly needed because it’s the main thing the attachment will be sown on. The wig cap is the one worn after the whole process has been done.

– Ventilating Needle: The ventilating needle is the main driving item used in making a wig, the needle helps stitch the weave or attachment to the wig cap.

– Lace Closure: Closure serves good deal because thanks to this brownish skin-blending lace material, most people won’t be able to tell if it’s a wig or not. Not just that, this fabric makes your wig neater and keeps it in place.


To make your wig yourself, there are several methods.

Instead of buying expensive cap with lace closure, just get a Swiss Lace or Net like Veil  indinavir. to make your closure. To start with, sew down your swiss lace / veil on the cap you will be using for the wig

Pass some thread through a large needle (you can double the thread twice to make it thick) knotting the ends.Pass the thread and the needle through the lace, then take the piece of attachment you want to braid and attach it to the lace by passing the thread over it a couple of times to make it strong and firm, then tie a knot. Cut the rest of the thread but make sure to leave little thread after tieing the knot.

If you’ll like your braids fat/big you can add more extension and start braiding or twisting the it along with the thread you didn’t cut. This is probably the most important part of the process. Braiding the extension with some thread at the beginning ensures that the knot doesn’t loosen and the braids don’t start falling out.  Braid the hair till the end and repeat the process till you’re to braided wig 1

This method is really easy as well as secure. It also ensures that the lace doesn’t rip which is very important. I use this for clients who don’t purchase the ventilated lace closures. Some people who don’t know have asked what the difference is because from a distance, it looks pretty much the same. As always, I’m here to provide more affordable alternatives to growing healthy hair on a budget.

The thread passed through one needle can be used for over 5 braids depending on the length of the thread so you don’t have to keep re-threading.


  • When you start braiding, make sure the extension covers any thread that may be showing
  • If you’re using colored extensions, you can simply use the same color of the extension to
    avoid multiple colors showing.
  • Choose a color that’s close to your skin color when buying your veil or lace for the
    closure so it won’t be obvious or you could purchase a wig cap that comes with lace at the
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