Easy, Chic Ankara Headwrap Styles You Should Try Out This Season

Headwraps have gradually taken over the space in our closets once occupied by wide brim hats. It is hard not to gravitate towards these accessories, especially in the harmattan season when they help to keep our hair and scalp stylishly protected from the dust. The headwrap is that extra special fashion piece that spices up any outfit and Ankara is one of the fabric that is perfect for it.

We love a good Ankara scarf because they don’t only come in great quality fabrics and good textures, the colors are exciting and passionate. The Ankara headwrap shouldn’t just be for Bad Hair days only, you could also tie them when you are feeling earthy or creative or  you just want to look totally different and they give off a certain African Princess vibe.

This Ankara head wrap video tutorial would show you stylish ways to wrap your Ankara scarf in the best possible way.

Video Credit: Kilahmazing

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