Easy Ways To Keep Your Black Clothes Intact

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Maintaining black clothes could be quite difficult and frustrating, to say the least, but it isn’t impossible to keep your black fabrics as good as new.

Do you want to maintain your black fabric, or help restore its colour? These hacks could help. These life hacks listed below would help keep your black shirt looking good, now you can wear your black fabrics for a longer time, and it would be as good as new.

USE A LITTLE VINEGAR WHEN RINSING: When rinsing your black clothes, add 1 cup of distilled vinegar to your bowl for rinsing. Leave for a few minutes to rinse, and it wouldn’t only help your black fabric, but can also help remove detergent residue. Don’t worry; the smell of vinegar should evaporate when rinsing; but if it doesn’t, air dry your clothes.

COFFEE OR BLACK TEA: Coffee and black tea are both used as natural dyes. Add 2 cups of brewed coffee or black tea directly to your rinse cycle after washing, and they would strengthen the black dye and overall hue of your fabric.

SALT: Do you know that salt can help prevent dye from bleeding? Just add half cup of salt to the wash cycle, and it could help restore the colour of your black fabric.

BAKING POWDER: Baking soda is known for brightening whites as a form of non-chlorine bleach, but it can also be used as a non-chlorine bleach to brighten other colours, even black. Add half cup of baking soda to your wash cycle, and fill with the clothes you want to preserve.

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