Essential Grooming Routine Most Guys Overlook

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As you might already know, dressing well is not enough, if you want to have your style game on point. Grooming is also a big part of your image and even though most men are covered in a lot of areas of the grooming game, there are still some minor mistakes that might be ruining your style without you even realizing it.

Chances are, your grooming routine is likely on autopilot: You brush, shave, and cleanse your way to the same level of presentability, day in and day out. But this routine is something every man should hold up and occasionally reevaluate. A little attention to detail goes a long way in looking fresh and presentable.

Today, we will be taking a look at the 6 essential grooming tips most men overlook. Bad hair, dirty nails etc. those are the noticeable stuff. These six things listed below should always be on your mind when talking about weekly grooming.

FORGETTING TO CLIP YOUR NAILS: It’s visible and you can’t really miss it out. But, obviously, some men need a reminder to start doing it more often. If you have to set it as a reminder on your phone but every three to four days you should clip your nails. Toes too!

DIRTY EARS: This is probably the grossest of all. It is easy to miss because you never really see your ears, but it’s important to remind yourself that other people do. Dirty ears are one of those things that are gross to see and you want to avoid to be the person with the dirty ears. So, every three to four days, just like your nail, clean your ears. And remember to clean the outer side of it too.

UNTRIMMED NOSE HAIRS: Nose hairs should be only in your nose. If they connect with your mustache you should trim them. It looks gross and can ruin your whole image. So, if you have nose hair that is showing outside of your nose you should definitely trim them either with a nose trimmer or a pair of scissors, but make yourself a favor and never try to pluck them with tweezers!

FORGETTING TO USE DEODORANT OR ANTIPERSPIRANT BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE: Most people don’t put on either deodorant or antiperspirant before leaving the house and this is really bad. These products are used to control sweat and odor in our underarms. Deodorants should be worn to cover up underarm smells, but if you sweat a lot, you definitely need an antiperspirant to slow down the production of underarm sweat. There are some products that perform both functions such as this Dove men+care amongst many others.

FORGETTING TO TRIM AND PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS: You should keep your eyebrows always well-trimmed and groomed, because, well, they can change your whole face. Arm yourself with a pair of tweezers and scissors and begin removing everything that is excess. It’s best if you pluck only from the bottom, that way you’ll keep the natural look of your eyebrows and only give them a more fresh and groomed look.

NOT TRIMMING YOUR NECK HAIR: Now, this does not apply to all men. Some men have it, other don’t. This goes for both beard neckline and back of the neck hair. So, before you start clipping go and look at your neck. If you’ve taken a haircut this week you might not have any but if you haven’t, chances are there will be some kind of hair there. Get your clippers and trim the hairs. That way you give yourself a clean and well-maintained look, also it looks like you just got out of the hair salon.

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