Eye-Shadow Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Eye-shadows give the face a glamorous touch and makes one look different. There are a lot of colours you can use and even combine two colours; however, for your eye-shadow to look awesome, here are a few hacks you must know.

Use the right brushes: cheap depakote, cheap clomid acquisto viagra generico italia. doxepin no prescription. . At least one for applying the shadow and one blending brush too for a seamless finish. .

Don’t forget the eye primer and clean your eyelid well before applying eyeshadow.

For a proper, smooth finish let the primer dry first otherwise your eyeshadow will look cakey.

For blending out the eyeshadow use the brush is soft, circular motion and make sure there is no seam.

Try using both liquid and powder-based eyeshadow. However, use liquid eyeshadow first and powdered above that for a proper finish and long lasting stay.

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