For Men: 4 Easy Steps To A Radiantly Smooth Face

where can i purchase nolvadex promethazine erection. . Women are not the only ones that should take care of their shin properly, men should too which is why we have some few steps to a man’s facial care. The face is very delicate which is why one needs to be extra careful when dealing with the face. Did you know that with just sugar and olive oil to have a hydrating smooth face?. Below are the steps to a smooth face.

STEP 1: Wash your hands thoroughly to ensure you are not putting any more bacteria onto your face.

STEP 2: Wet your face, so that it is easier to apply any good soap of your choice but black soap is highly recommended. The reason why the African black soap was chosen is because it is great for hyper-pigmentation, to fade black spots, and an evening complexion.

STEP 3: With warm water, and using the soap, run water over the soap to create a lather. Then, gently apply soap onto skin to cleanse.

STEP 4: After washing your face, get some extra virgin olive oil which is used as a moisturizer. Then, mix it in your hands with sugar, as an exfoliate.

Olive oil is used because it soothes and moisturizes why sugar is used because it exfoliates and refreshes the skin.

Try this out guys and you will be surprised how great your face can look without too much stress.

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