Guys: 5 Golden Rules For Wearing Belts

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Gone are the days when guys don’t care about their looks, now every guy wants to look stylish these days and it is necessary you know these belt rules as a guy in order to improve your style game. Just as some style rules never get old, the rules for wearing belts never gets old, it is always the same.

So you might want to ask, what are these three golden rules for wearing belts? They are listed below.

RULE NUMBER ONE: The first golden rule for wearing belts is your belt must ALWAYS match your shoe. For a perfect look, match the colour and texture of your belt with your shoe. For example, if you are wearing a black suede hoe, complimenting it with a black suede belt would be perfect.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Rule one says your belt should match your shoe. The number two rule for wearing belts is your belt should coordinate with the rest of your look. Sporty belts should go with jeans and not dressier pants (trousers).

RULE NUMBER THREE: Let’s remind ourselves with rule one and two. Rule one states that your belt should match your shoe and rule two states that your belt should coordinate with the rest of your look. Rule three for wearing belts states that thinner belt loops should go with dressier trousers and wider belt loops should go with casual trousers.

RULE NUMBER FOUR: The skinnier the belt the more formal it is. The thicker and wider the belt the more casual it is. The bigger the belt buckle, the most casual the belt is. Avoid wearing a belt with big buckle with your suit. It will look ridiculous.

RULE NUMBER FIVE: Avoid wearing a belt that is shorter than your waist or more than 2 sizes bigger than your waist. The appropriate belt length is such that it goes under the first belt loop after the buckle and should go under the second belt loop. To sum it up, if your waist measurement is 36, you should buy a size 38 belt.

So now you have the rules, you have no excuse to fail any of the rules when next time you use a belt. Always remember a stylish guy commands respect, so dress stylish.

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