Guys: How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Woman

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Every lady look forward to being proposed to by the love of her life. Many women even feel more thrilled on the day of their proposal than on their wedding day. Buying your woman that perfect engagement ring will add more thrills to the emotions she’d feel on that day and making the right choice of ring will make the proposal perfect.

Most guys don’t know that there are some tips to consider if you want to get her that perfect engagement ring, they just go ahead to pick any ring for their woman which at the end of the day might be the wrong size, colour or shape their partner has always dreamed of. Today, we would be sharing some tips on how to pick the perfect engagement ring for your woman.

CONSIDER YOUR BUDGET: Like everything else, you have to start with the budget. You ought to know how much you can spend on the ring, because there is no price cap on a ring; it all depends on the amount you can afford.

KNOW HER STYLE: Knowing your woman’s unique taste, style and preference will go a long way in picking the right ring for her. Knowing the right metal, colour, style and shape will help you make the right choice.

KNOW HER SIZE: This is where a lot of men get it wrong. Not every ring will fit perfectly on her finger, and no matter how perfect the ring is, if it’s not her size then it isn’t right. If she wears a ring, your best could be going to the store with that ring.

GO THROUGH A VARIETY OF RINGS: Don’t just stop at one store and pick up any ring, go through a variety of rings and then make a choice from the best of them all.

GO WITH A TRUSTED FRIEND: If you feel you can’t still make the right decision on your own; you can pick one of her close friends that you trust won’t break the news to her. She’d definitely have an idea of what your woman loves.

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